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Pet Names for Wastelands


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We scavenge our landscapes sentimentally, reappraising refuse, and finding hidden potential in the abandoned or undervalued. There is subjectivity of a value in art and daily life. One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Pet Names for Wastelands revokes the traditional phases of consumerism through denying it’s linear chronology. Marx’s theory of value claims that the value of a commodity can be objectively measured by the hours of labor required in production. Following that argument, if new labor and energy is directed into an object, value can be restored and (even) expanded. There is chance of rebirth and to diverge from an original purpose. The title, Pet Names for Wastelands alludes to our tenderness to the discarded. It stands for material reappraisal, but also the abstract notation that even if surrounded by garbage you have power, you are the élan vital, to create evolution.

The world falls apart and comes together simultaneously.

Pet Names for Wastelands, Alt Esc - 2017
Jordan Barse, Andrew Laumann, Jack Henry, and Miles Pflanz.
Essays by Dana Kopel and Alison Sirico
44 pages, black and white, soft cover