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Black Hours by Sheryl Oppenheim

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Image of Black Hours by Sheryl Oppenheim
  • Image of Black Hours by Sheryl Oppenheim
  • Image of Black Hours by Sheryl Oppenheim
  • Image of Black Hours by Sheryl Oppenheim
  • Image of Black Hours by Sheryl Oppenheim

Black Hours was created from Sheryl Oppenheim's 2013 series of mediated marble drawings of the same name. These drawings take their inspiration from a 1410 illuminated manuscript in the collection of The Morgan Library. This manuscript, hand painted on velum stained black with charcoal, is one of only a handful of its kind known in the world. It's vibrant illustrations and metallic text seem to jump off of its pages similar to the way a black light poster dances in front of its viewer.

For her drawings, Oppenheim worked with Dieu Donné to create a rich black paper for her Black Hours Drawings. Using the Black Hours Manuscript as a jumping off point, the artist created an incredibly dynamic group of drawings using the marbling process as method for reiterating the filters present in all forms of contemporary production.

"Marbling feels like the most natural way of making a painting to me – a process where it’s possible to create something extremely intricate without succumbing to the monotony of control and repetition. I would compare the process to making a monotype, except that it is printed from water rather than glass. The indirectness of this process is also appealing to me, as it flattens the sense of touch in the work while still maintaining a feeling of movement and gesture. "~Sheryl Oppenheim

The edition furthers Oppenheim's freedom through distance by mediating the content one more time through the process of converting each drawing into a graphic, black and white screen print. Black Hours contains 14 prints from the series of mediated drawings printed by the artist onto zerkal paper and drum leaf bound by Small Editions, hard cover in Canapetta cloth.

Black Hours
Sheryl Oppenheim
Hardcover drum leaf bound in black canapetta cloth, black & white silk screen prints on Zerkal book paper
13 x 20 inches, 18 pages
Edition of 15 books + 2aps